Greener Tomorrow

“We are aiming at reducing our own environmental footprint and advise clients and development partners on protecting the environment and guide them towards a sustainable use of natural resources. We want to be a performance partner for a greener tomorrow.”
Hans Bonarius, Green Economy Competence Unit

Economic growth and industrialization often lead to unsustainable consumption of natural resources. Climate change impacts are putting additional pressure on ecosystems, societies and economies, especially in developing countries. As a consequence, new environmental and climate-friendly development paths as well as socially sound forms of economic development are needed that generate broad-based employment and income and contribute to the reduction of poverty.

The GOPA Consulting Group has responded to these complex challenges by establishing the ‘Green Economy Competence Unit’, an interdisciplinary working group and knowledge platform of experts focusing on the implementation of projects that support a green economy.

GECU takes advantage of more than 45 years of project experience, especially in sectors like renewable energy, economic development, education, waste management, transport, tourism, agriculture, forestry, environmental and water management as well as health promotion.

GECU experts take part in the current international debate on Green Economy/Green Growth and support the integration of the cross-cutting topic of green economy in the day-to-day activities of the GOPA Group. Have a look at our current references.