Executive Leadership Team
The GOPA Group Directors Forum ensures that our Group’s activities towards creating a better tomorrow are delivered with the discipline of a business. They set the standards for our companies dedicated to delivering both results and value.

“In all that we do, we serve the interests of people – this is where our experience counts and what makes a difference. We transform policies into reality with impact and passion – for a better tomorrow”

Multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary to the core — global in outlook and approach — GOPA Group leaders and their staff are committed to delivering the best solutions in their particular field of expertise. They share innovation and experience to implement international development practices worldwide.

Each of the core firms in GOPA Consulting Group is represented by one director in the GOPA Group Directors Forum, which acts as the Executive Leadership Team. As an efficient decentralised organisation, decisions are made as close to the related project as possible. This guarantees that common Group interests are safeguarded and individual interests are respected at the same time.

Alert to global and local market developments and committed to pioneering new concepts such as Green Economy, the leadership team develops Group strategies that improve the Group’s financial performance by taking advantage of potential synergies between individual firms in the Group. 

The Executive Leadership Team is currently headed by Dr. Martin Güldner. It reports to the Supervisory Board.

Members are:

  • Johannes Buschmeier, AFC Consultants
  • Inke Fabian de Barreto, EPOS Health Management
  • Rafael Comenge, B &S Europe
  • Dr. Radu Krohne, intec GOPA International Energy Consultants
  • Dr. Martin Güldner, GOPA Consultants
  • Berthold Averweg, GOPA Consultants
  • Thomas Franke, GOPA Consultants
  • Antoine Rivet, GOPA Com.
  • Mathias Lueg, GOPA Infra

Supervisory Board

After five years of successfully working together as an advisory board, GOPA Consulting Group shareholders established a Supervisory Board in October 2011 with all the responsibilities established in the German law governing corporations (AG-Gesetz). The Supervisory Board monitors the actions of the Consulting Group to ensure that they are consistent with the company’s purpose, comply with relevant laws and regulations and are in accordance with sound business principles. In addition, they provide strategic advice and nominate all Group Managing Directors.
The board members are leading actors in the fields of business, politics and development cooperation.


Supervisory Board Members are:

  • Gerold Dieke, former District President, Southern Hesse, and former member of the Board of General Managers, GTZ / currently merged with GIZ ( Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
  • Dr. Rainer Goedl, former member of the Board of Directors, Linde AG
  • Axel J. Stepf, Director ZKE, Commerzbank AG
  • Hans van Dord, former Director Corporate Development, Arcadis/Euroconsult
  • Wolfgang Kroh, former Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)

Mr Gerold Dieke is the chairman of the GOPA Consulting Group Supervisory Board.