GOPA to implement a new project in DR Congo


Economic strengthening of the provinces Maniema and South-Kivu based on labour market oriented education, Component 3: Promotion of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the city of Kindu

Financing agency: German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ)
Client: German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ)
Implementing GOPA units: Governance and Economic Development (GED) and Education and Employment Promotion (EEP)


Since the Congolese ceasefire in 2003, the economic, political and institutional infrastructure remains destroyed. The rehabilitation of the province Maniema, with Kindu as provincial capital, failed. One of the main obstacles for a successful reconstruction and economic strengthening of the province constitutes an insufficient basic education of youths and adults. State and non-state actors lack of financial, technical and institutional capacities to deliver educational measures and services needed.

Overall objective
State and non-state actors who act in the area of basic education as well as revenue and employment promotion are strengthened.

Specific objective
The provision of services for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) by state and non-state actors in the city of Kindu is improved.

Main activities
The main activities of the component comprise the following:

Preparatory activities, in cooperation with the main counterpart of the project, DPMEA (Division des petites et moyennes entreprises Artisanales - Division of craft small- and medium-sized enterprises):
Realise a study on the economic development potential of the city of Kindu. Analyse the management and production capacities of economic actors in the city of Kindu.
Realise a strategy to promote MSME in the city of the Kindu.

Organisational development
Support the foundation of professional associations / chambers of commerce (in the area of building construction),
Stabilise newly founded craft associations und consult their organisational development,
Develop and conduct a program to strengthen organisational and management capacities of members of craft associations.

Provision of services by state and non-state actors to MSME
Consult craft associations in capacity development in order to institutionalise their provision of services,
Support DPMEA in clarifying its role and differentiating its functions to promote MSME,
Support DPMEA in improving the quality of its provision of services and service orientation towards MSME,
Support DPMEA in establishing a consultation and information centre for MSME.

Programs and qualification standards for vocational training
Consult DPMEA and craft associations in developing vocational training programs which qualify to enter in professional life,
Support the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education in adopting qualification standards for vocational training,
Promote the Division de la Jeunesse (Division of Youth Affairs, sub-division of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) in exercising its responsibilities in the area of vocational training.